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Track My People ( 2008 )

tags: webdesign, development, php, ajax, mysql, html, css, propel, symfony, design, javascript, web2.0, dbFusionChart
About Track My People

TrackMyPeople is an online webservice that allows you to easily track your time, as well as your employees time, from multiple locations. At the same time offering flexible management and reporting possibilities.

Our system is entirely web based meaning you can access your teams data everywhere in the world allowing you to easily track your employees time spent on a project or just analyse a graph for optimalisation.

TrackMyPeople can be used in most office environments allowing you or your employees to track the time spent on different projects. From single-user to Small-to-Medium enterprises or multinationals.

What we did for Track My People

TrackMyPeople is a self-made project and application, so we handled all the steps that are needed to obtain a fully operational webservice: brainstorming, database structure, API functionalities, applets, design & development.

We've integrated multiple desktop applets (widgets) for Windows, Linux and Mac, to achieve a broad field of possibilities.

Feel free to keep track of the improvements and expanding functionalities on the TrackMyPeople blog.