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Drivolution Planning Tool ( 2008 )

tags: webdesign, development, php, ajax, mysql, symfony
About Drivolution Planning Tool

DrivOlution offers companies a concept to reduce their fleet risk in every way. DrivOlution support companies to reduce work related traffic accidents, to reduce fuel consumption and to improve their fleet results.

What we did for Drivolution Planning Tool

We developed a planning tool which suggest planning data in collaboration with Google calendars, based on the existing trainings and an instructor's private/disavailability Google calendar .

This planning tool uses the same database and (shared) model classes as the front & backend application. Confirmed trainings are used in the frontend application for users to subscribe to, and pushed to the Google calendar . This means that all instructors can see their training data appear in their personal Google calendar , which can be integrated into Thunderbird or any other decent mail/calendar client.