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Oude Markt ( 2009 )

tags: webdesign
About Oude Markt

De Oude Markt (The Old Market) is a square in the centre of Leuven which mainly contains bars, taverns and restaurants. Because of this, it is named "the longest bar in the world". The annual music festival Marktrock is organised here in the middle of august.

Beside the student welcoming at the end of September, you can also find the annual Leuven fair on the old market in the first three weeks of September. There's also Hapje-Tapje with the bartender race at the beginning of August (first Sunday) and the Beleuvenissen, which is organised every friday of July (since 1989) and involves a series of concerts about a certain topic each time.

What we did for Oude Markt

For the 'Oude Markt' we made a layout mockup. The mockup consists of 2 parts, one for the day and one for the night. Based on the time of day, visitors get a view of Leuven by day or by night.